Why do we choose to work with such expensive technology? And why would we use 20mm honeycomb tickness when everyone use 12mm ?Because we have an great experience, of many years of work, in kitchens and bathroom, how sad is to see a marble top breaks, into your kitchen, 10 minutes before get installed? We, we know it’s due to humidity that got install in the very heart of the stone, due to transport on boat, or climate change from the storage zone humidity to your home, we know this, but it’s still sad to know that this block, deep under the grass, was extract, in italy, transported, cut, shaped, polished, cut on size, shipped, stored, cut again for your requirement, sold, and transported to you, and then, breaks, it’s a sadness for us, in terms of money and passion. Now thanks to the honeycomb technology, we can transport much more, and more easily, slabs and big dimension table, without breaking our team backs, and without do any damage to the stone while getting into your living room, many more reason, including efficiency in terms of noise cancelation and heat conduction, and green attitude in regards to natural resources, pushed us to make this move and go on investing in machine to produce such materials. A risk that we gladly took and we are proud to deliver you today the best of our marble assembled with the best of our production technology.